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Welcome to the Omega Chess page on online casino gambling and poker gaming. This page has been put forth in an effort to educate visitors of our site of what to expect when playing games of chance online.

If you're playing at an online casino and are looking to play casino games such as slots and other games where the outcome of each event is in the favour of the house you should more or less forget about walking away from the casino a winner. Rather you should enjoy the experience and the excitement that comes from gambling. In particular slots (also known as pokies in countries such as Australia and New Zealand) are games where invariably you're going to loose over time. IT'S A KNOWN FACT PEOPLE! But the value in slots and enjoying this game if you're looking to gamble is really in the fact that you don't need any experience and if you're new and playing even the most complicated game for the first time picking up the rules and understanding the game inside out is rather straight forward. Other games however such as blackjack and baccarat which are two games in land based and online casinos that players participate in the outcome of the event are definitely more strategic games. That being said the rules in place at most casinos still favour outcomes that benefit the casino as opposed to the player. Ultimately casinos aren't looking to be your friend they're there to make money. So know that you know a little bit about gambling at casinos let's talk about poker. There are literally 1000's of choice as to where to play online.

Poker is by far the single most popular game played at online casinos. It offers players the opportunity to play against each other as opposed to playing against a computer and RNG like you would be if playing traditional games such as blackjack, slots, etc... Playing poker online can afford players the opportunity to win big prizes by simply entering in and playing small tournament with little or no buy-ins (also known as free rolls). Poker is definitely a more strategic game that is similar in many respects to chess. You need to analyze your opponents in an attempt to decipher their moves just like you would do if you were playing against a single player in chess. The main difference here is that until you get into the head-to-head action you're playing against more players so it's somewhat tricky but all manageable. The outcomes when playing poker are determined by two factors the cards you get and how well you can read your opponents. The better you can read your opponents the more likely you are to wind up with outcomes that will be in your favour. So if you're looking to play online and seeking games where you can win money online we definitely suggest playing poker over most other games of chance out there available at online casinos.