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A NOTE ON NOTATION: Our OMEGA CHESS board includes letters and numbers to help you record and study your games. The moves are recorded in pairs, White followed by Black. Each chess piece is represented with its first letter, except for the Knight which is represented with an 'N' so as not to confuse it with the King. A move is indicated by the capital letter representing the piece moved followed by a description of the square that the piece lands on. In the case of Pawn movement, only the square of arrival is indicated: e4, d5, g6.
When a piece makes a capture, an 'x' is inserted between the piece and the square taken: Bxe5,Nxe3, Rxd1. When a Pawn makes a capture, the original file must be indicated: exd5, fxe4, hxg4. If a Pawn is capturing another Pawn en passant, 'e.p.' can be appended to the notation. And, when a Pawn promotes the move is indicated followed by the first letter of the new piece: e9=Q, f9=N, g0=R.
Other abbreviations used to indicate specific chess moves are:
King-side castling
Queen-side castling
Playing over the sample games below will give you a feel for OMEGA CHESS notation.


GM Alex Sherzer v. GM Judit Polgar

Alas, your humble webmaster's effort against Dan MacDonald has been bumped into second place by this game recently played by the two above-named grandmasters in Hungary. I have provided a few notes but I would really welcome comments and analysis from Omegafans.

1.f4 d5 2.Nd2 Ng7 3.Wa2 Cc7 4.Ng2 f7 5.Wj2 Wa7 6.e4 de4 7.Ne4 Bb4+ 8.Be1 Nd7 9.c3 Be7 10.Wi5 0-0 11.d4 Cc6 12.Bd3 b5 13.b4 Wd6 14.Cc2 Wj7 15.Ch2 Wi4 16.Nh4 Wh5 17.Wd1 We3 18.Kg0 c7 19.i4 Wg4 20.Be2 Wd5 21.Rc0 Bb7 22.Nc5 Black is aiming a lot of artillery at the White monarch. Perhaps White should follow suit and play this knight to g5 instead of c5. 22...Nc5 23.bc5 Qd8 24.Qh3 Wh4 25.Bh4 Either on this move or the next, recapturing with the Champion looks more promising. 25... Bh4 26.Wh4 Ch7 27.Wg2 Ce4 28.Ce4 We4 29.Qj3 j7 30.i5 i6 31.Wg7 hg7 32.Ri3 Ki8 33.Qj4 Rh9 34.Rj3 Ci7 35.Re0 Qf6 36.Bc0 e6 37.Bb1 Wf5 38.Wf5 ef5 39.Re8 Rh8 40.Rje3 g6 41.Qi3 Qg7 42.j4 b4! (see diagram) Black seizes the initiative. 43.R8e5 bc3 44.Rc3 Bh1 45.Kh1 Rb1 46.Ra3 Ch7 47.Ra8 Ch5 48.Ra9 Qh7 49.Ree9?? Cj3! 50.Qj3 Qh2+ White resigned.

Ian McGarrett v. Daniel C. MacDonald

In the following game White blithely parts with a rook for a wizard in order to get an advantage in space. Listless play by Black fails to exploit his material advantage and Black drifts into a passive position.

1.f4 Wj7 2.e4 e5 3.fxe5 (White wants to draw the Black queen out early and gain a lead in development by using her as a target) 3...Wi4 (but Black has other ideas.) 4.d4 Wj3 5.Ng2 Wxi0 6.Cxi0 f7 7.Nd2 d6 8.exd6 Bxd6 9.Wj2 Ng7 10.Wa2 O-O 11.Bf2 f6 12.Wd3 Cc7 13.Ne3 Rf9 14.g4 Nd7 15.Qg2 Bf7 16.O-O-O Wa7 17.i4 Qe8 18.Ci2 Rbe9 19.Wg3 Ch7 20.h4 Wb4 21. Nd1 Ce7 22.c3 Wc7 23.Cc2 Ne6 24.Wc6 Nf4 25.Qf3 Ng6 26.Ne3 b7 27.Wxf7 Chxf7 28.Nf5 Cxf5 29.gxf5 Ngf8 30.Nc4 Nh7 31.Cg4 Ndf8 32.Wh6 Cd7 33.e5 Be7 34.Cce4 Bc9 35. Cgg6 Nxg6 36.Cxg6 Qf8 (see diagram) 37.Be2! (setting up a spectacular finish) fxe5 38.Qj7!! Qxh6 (Forced. The threat is 39.Qxi8#. If Black plays 38... ixj7, then 39.Bxj7 is mate, Omega style, and on 38... Ng9 then 39.Qxj8 will force mate quickly.) 39.Qxi8+ Kg9 40.Cxh6 Black resigned. Black is faced with the dual threats of 41.Qxh8# and 41.Qj9 Ni9 42.Qxi9#.